Glutes, Abs, Arms and Amy Castle!

This week Sydney put our dear friend and fellow YouTuber, Amy Castle, through a challenging glute, ab and arm workout. It is so much fun hanging out with Amy. Her upbeat energy makes filming all the more enjoyable – this girl is up for anything. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE.


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Flight Workouts

We don’t have our standard weekly circuit for you, but we DO have FIVE Flight Circuits that are all now up on the BeFit YouTube Channel!


Our next Flight event is during LA Fit Expo on February 7th, where we will not just have one event, but TWO going down that day. Tickets go on sale this week so look out for that. And for any of you going to the Fit Expo, your ticket to the convention will get you in for FREE to Flight!




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Full Body Cardio Launch!

Hey guys! Flight is here – this Saturday at Exchange LA in DTLA. We’ve got Urban Remedy juices for you to cool off with after the workout, DJ Ryan Fontana will keep the party going after as well – so come, hang out, work out, and enjoy!

Get tickets at!


Here’s a little video to prep for the big day:

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Cacao Superfood Smoothie with Amy Castle

Foodie and fellow YouTuber Amy Castle had been taking classes from Sydney on and off for some time. One day the two got to talking about their love of food, fitness and sharing their respective passions online. So after meeting up over the deliciousness of Sun Cafe (a Benner Fit favorite) the two joined forces to recreate their favorite smoothie of all!



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New Year, New You Workout

Happy New Year! It’s 2015 – can you believe it?? Time is flying friends. With a new year brings a fresh slate. If you are going to make any resolution this year, we hope it is that of making yourself happy from the inside out. So today we bring you the new year, new you workout! Cheers to all of our Benner Fitters out there!


And be sure to join us on January 10th at Exchange LA in DTLA for FLIGHT! Get all of the details at

Take FLIGHT | January 10th |

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The Hanukkah Fairy Who Stole Christmas

I was totally the Grinch on Christmas.  Yep, I was in a mood. My students never believe me that I could ever have a bad day but yes I too have some sour days and I am stating it for all to see.  The spirit of the holidays is beautiful because it brings family and friends together; there is love, joy, light, and beauty.  But on the other side there is also chaos, emotions that run high, loss, stress, and Grinch like behavior (from yours truly).


This year has been an incredible one.  I definitely have worked really hard to set up 2015 and I have the best team along for the ride with me.  For that I could not be more thankful.  I have a mother that wants all of her kids to be happy and does whatever she can to make sure we are all okay.  I have a lot of love in my life from dear ones and again for that I am over the moon.  But since Thanksgiving I have been in a mood. I have been allowing the stress in my life to consume me whether it’s stress with work, or stress with relationships, or whatever silly nonsense I am consumed with it has been making me emotional, and instead of finding the light in these things like I normally do, I have been dwelling in the frustrations.


I lost it yesterday, tears, blah, blah, blah, ya know just one of those, “I can’t hold it together moments.”  It totally happened. I am sitting here laughing because well it’s all kinds of ridiculous.  Doesn’t this happen to everybody?  Can’t we have permission to just lose it?  I gave myself permission.  I had not been to my mom’s home in Fullerton for the holidays in probably over 8 years because I was normally out of state or at their home in Laguna and it was weird and hard to be back during this time.  It brought back a lot of memories that are hard to swallow (If you’re curious click  –>  Being vulnerable can be looked upon as weak and I look at it as strength because you are sharing your deepest emotions and self with the ones you can be that way around.  You should always be able show and share every side of you, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone.


Today I woke up feeling amazing.  Sometimes you have to literally LET GO to see a different side.  I am in the business of helping people let go, to be their truest self, to feel better, and I believe that it brings you to your best self whole-heartedly.   I have to be able to do the same.  And so I did and I thank my mama for the ears on the end of the table.


This weekend I need some me time, I am getting out and trying new classes, making new healthy dishes to share right here on the blog, spending time with the people I love most and giving myself new perspective.

I’m giving you all permission to LET GO when you need to.  Sending you holiday kisses!



Thanks for letting me share.  You are all so special to me.


Much Love and Light,




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Holiday Bootay Workout

Merry Christmas week to all! And Happy Holidays from the Benner Fit girls. We hope you have an amazing week full of laughs, love and holiday spirit. We are so thankful for all of you, so this year we are giving you the gift of a perky booty!




Also, don’t forget there is still time to give the gift of Flight! Come join us on January 10th at Exchange LA (11am) for another round of Flight. Fun for the whole family! Buy tickets at!


Take FLIGHT | January 10th |

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A Peaceful Holiday Yoga Flow


This time of the year is often crazy bananas, so we thought we would take a moment to find a little calm and bring you a soothing holiday yoga flow this week.


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Holiday Cardio Shopping

We are prepping you for the crazy holiday shopping. Sydney’s got you pushing shopping carts, dodging shoppers and grabbing goodies off the shelf in this week’s circuit. Cheesy? Yes. Super fun? Definitely. Check it out!!

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