Thankfully Fit: Workouts for Week Three

You’re getting there Benner Fitters! Week 3 is here of Thankfully Fit! We’ve got a fresh circuit for your Monday as well. Here are your circuits for the week.
















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Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie

Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie | Benner Fit

We are half way through the November Thankfully Fit Benner Fit Challenge! This week, we are going a bit off calendar and bringing you a pumpkin smoothie treat – and this one is full of spice!

Let us know how your Thankfully Fit Challenge is going! We love hearing from you!

Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie - Ingredients | Benner Fit

Inspired by Wellness Nutrition Concepts‘ smoothie

¾ cup puréed pumpkin 

1 cup unsweetened milk (whatever kind of milk you please – we used almond)

1/2 banana

1 teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon nutmeg

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

⅛- ¼ teaspoon grated fresh ginger (to your liking)

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Splash of maple syrup (or any preferred sweetener)

3 ice cubes (as many as desired)

Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie| Benner Fit

Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie - Directions | Benner Fit

Grate that ginger, blend all your ingredients up, pour and sip!!

Spicy Pumpkin Smoothie | Benner Fit

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Thankfully Fit: Workouts for Week Two

We made it through week one of Thankfully Fit! Thank you guys so much for following along! Here are the circuits for this week. Don’t forget to do Monday’s circuit EVERY DAY this week.










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Love for Pilates

A brand new Pilates studio has hit Hollywood!  Check out our reviews!


Syd’s Review –

I am officially 7 hours post my Pilates class with my dear friend,Tia Schroeder, owner of the new Hollywood studio, Love For Pilates, and I am sore.  Whoa!  Super sore.  You guys know I workout all the time.  I’m either teaching, workshopping, choreographing, or taking a new class around the Los Angeles area.  I love it.  All of it.  Pilates is an amazing workout for your core, alignment, flexibility, and overall body health.  It’s a workout built on resistance training and it is so effective which is why it has been so expensive all this time.  Tia has opened a beautiful welcoming studio that is bright, positive, and inexpensive so most people now have an opportunity to get on the Pilates train.  She is a detail oriented teacher that watches every student in the room carefully making sure every exercise is catered toward their specific needs.  Brooke and I felt amazing when we left.  If I’m sore now I can’t imagine what tomorrow is going to feel like!  Thank you Tia, so much love to you!



Brooke’s Review –

I’ve been embarrassingly out of commission when it comes to working out. No I didn’t tear an ACL or anything bad*ss. Instead I sit at a job all day which has thrown my hip flexors way out of whack and left my hammies super tight. I had done one personal Pilates session before but never in a group. Tia is a smartie because after her class I had some serious Love 4 Pilates. It made me stretch, feel lengthened and it really, really worked my stiff little hips. To the point where she asked me to lift my legs into a tabletop and my mind was totally doing it but my legs were definitely not moving. What I liked even more about the class is the intimate vibe. Tia is so very caring and makes sure each class member is in alignment and doing the moves properly. I left the class feeling very refreshed and a few hours later I was maybe a little bit sore. Okay definitely. Definitely sore. Loved it Tia! I’ll be back soon!

We feel blissful!  I’ve already been back and can’t wait for more.


Check out to sign up!

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Thankfully Fit: Workouts for Week One

It’s Monday, so we have a brand new circuit for you! If you are following along on our Thankfully Fit journey – do this circuit every day this week, along with your assigned calendar circuit. You can find your daily circuits for week one below! Keep posting the pics of what you are thankful for on Instagram! Be sure to hashtag: #bennerfit and #thankfullyfit!


MONDAY: Do this circuit every day this week, along with the circuits below!











Don’t forget to fuel yourself with a tasty smoothie! This week we are featuring an oldie but goodie – The Apple Pie Smoothie!

Apple Pie Smoothie

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30 Day Thankfully Fit Challenge!

We are so excited to announce our first ever 30 day challenge for the month of November!!

30 Day Thankfully Fit Challenge | Benner Fit


Here is the breakdown:

• Do your weekly Thankfully Fit circuit Monday thru Friday, along with your assigned circuit-a-day

• Post a pic on Instagram every day of what you are thankful for. Hashtag us at #thankfullyfit and #bennerfit

• Every Sunday we will bring you a new smoothie recipe that will keep you strong throughout the week!







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The Home Stretch: Sit & Reach

Remember having to do those sit and reach flexibility tests in elementary school? Well guess what? That move makes for a great stretch for not only the lower back but the glutes and hamstrings too!


The Home Stretch: Sit & Reach | Benner Fit

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All Me

Let’s face it nobody wants to be stinky.  Being that I sweat all day I am always looking for the perfect deodorant but I can’t stand all the junk and chemicals they put into them.  I’ve tried every all-natural antiperspirant you can imagine over my lifetime and none of them have worked.  So I’ve had to stick with what I know works best for me, which is the clinical strength HA.


Ladies and gentleman look no further and stop putting chemicals underneath your armpits!  My hilarious friend, Nicole decided about two years ago that she was going to create an all-natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS!  Can I just tell you, it ACTUALLY WORKS!  I have been wearing All Me over the last seven days to really give it a good test.  I only have to apply once in the morning and what’s even better is that I know what every ingredient is.  I am literally jumping up and down as I type this post.  I have been waiting and waiting for something like this to hit the market.  Seriously Benner Fitter’s look no further, get yourself some All Me!


Most deodorants have aluminum in them, which is not healthy for your body.  All Me smells like a spa, to quote Outkast, “So fresh and so clean.”   All you have to do is put on a dime size dab underneath your armpit.  I’m noticing how long this deodorant is going to last me which is another added bonus.


Check out here to purchase a jar of this little slice of smell good heaven!



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