Flight Fitness Launch Event

One of the best days of my life happened last Saturday September 6th at Exchange LA.

About a year ago my team and I were talking about creating a brand new fitness venture that would fuse my own technique and the electronic music world. One of my dearest friends (shout out to Kelly Proctor check out Music Not Molly) introduced me to EDM music last year when I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. Without a sip of alcohol we entered the crazy and vibrant stadium full of neon lights, art installations, and music that is sure to make you dance! Basically a wild summer wonderland of love. A crazy neon lightbulb went off in my head and I knew I could create something healthy, inspiring, and fulfilling with all of this. All I knew is that it would involve fitness and EDM music. I knew this tiny vision could become something magical if I started workshopping new ideas. So then launched Yoga Style which was the first Benner Fit event that Brooke, myself, and our wonderful friend and fellow blogger Colleen Kauffman of, Food I Love You put together. It was a great success and more importantly extremely fulfilling. Then launched Love Fest in February which was even bigger, bolder, and more exciting. After that event our team was formed and I was off workshopping and creating over the course of 5 months to make this vision come to life.


On September 6th, 2014 Flight was presented to the world! A class that embodies peace, love, unity, and respect. A class that teaches us to feel amazing in our own skin, to connect with people face to face placing our phones aside, a class that allows us to have a full on club experience without people ramming into us or getting inappropriately grabbed by a stranger, a class that gives off love, a class that elevates our heart rates and burns tons and tons of calories, it is a concert for the body. To feel good is the greatest feeling of all. I tell my classes everyday, “We woke up healthy today, we are in this room together, there is no greater gift than that.” Its really the most simple recipe for a beautiful life. We don't know what is going to happen ahead of us but we can embrace every moment of health and life we have and certainly plan for a beautiful tomorrow.


I love this life. I love to teach more than anything. The moment I walked in to teach fitness for the first time I had chills up and down my arms. I love to help people feel better, crack a smile, let go, and get through. Life is full of insane hardships, things we can't begin to fathom going through and to be able to create a space where for an hour out of your day you have an opportunity to let go of all of the hard, and come out with more clarity and strength both physically and emotionally is what we aim to give you with Flight. Music for most of us triggers our emotions. This class is fueled by music. When your at a music concert you may find yourself jumping up and down dancing like a maniac, you may find yourself crying because you've been moved by the sound or the lyrics, you may find yourself still. This is what the body goes through when you take Flight. Come and take our next class! It will be in October and the date will be released VERY soon. I want to meet YOU. Let's GET FIT! FEEL THE MUSIC! TAKE FLIGHT!

So much love to everyone who came out to support and take class and I so look forward to our next event!

Check out the crazy fun we had!




For updates on future events visit WEAREFLIGHT.com


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Benner Fit Beauty Tip: Flowers In Your Hair

You’re at the gym, hair is in your face. The hair it seems is all over the place! It’s time to get it up out of there. So why not add a flower in your hair?

Okay seriously, I didn’t mean to turn this into any sort of Dr. Seuss situation. I don’t know what came over me. We like to spice it up with our headwear, even when we are at the gym. Hair ties, pins, headbands – you name it! Give your noggin a little love with some fun accessories! And might we suggest – put a flower on it!

Flowers In Your Hair | Benner Fit


Floral Pattern Headband (upper left): American Apparel
Flower bobby pin (upper right): The great state of Hawaii :)
Flower hair tie (lower left): H&M
Flower head band (lower right): Free People

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Full Body Sculpt & Flow

Thank you for being patient with us this past week! We are BACK with a full body circuit for you that flows through some yoga, stretching and sculpting.

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Our uLive Show Launch!

Well! It has been a bit crazy bananas over here in Benner Fit land in the very best of ways.

Sydney and I have been working hard over the last few weeks on her latest fitness venture FLIGHT and it premiered this weekend! We couldn’t have been happier with the way it went down and are so very grateful for all of you who were able to make it out for the big day. And for all of you who have been supportive of what we are doing – THANK YOU! We heart you big time. More of that to be blogged about soon enough.

Amidst the madness of prepping for Flight a few other AMAZING things happened. Like the fact that our first ever web show with the Scripps Network site uLive launched! Um… holy moly.  About a year ago Sydney and I starting going through ideas for a show that would be featured on uLive, and ultimately it turned into a summertime fun-time extravaganza. We are so happy with how it turned out. The amazing folks over at Watch It Now did fantastic job with the day of shoot and editing. The whole crew was wonderful and the shoot was a blast!

We made a little video about our excitement of the show launch:


We took a little breather after the Flight class Saturday, so we don’t have a new circuit for you this week – but check out all of the BennerFit fun over on uLive to hold you over until next Monday - ulive.com/bennerfit.



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The Home Stretch: Forward Bend

It’s Thursday. You can smell the weekend brewing in the distance.  A lot of us have been sitting at desks all week and we need a little stretch in our day. For the next few weeks we will be bringing you The Home Stretch – stretches to get you through the end of the week.


This week’s featured stretch – the forward bend!



GIFs created by our favorite – Lisandra Vazquez


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Benner Fit Series on ULIVE!

Brooke and I are thrilled to be sharing our latest series we worked on together. Get some summer health tips from yours truly. Everything from fitness exercises, recipes, fitness fashion, and more! We had an amazing time filming this show and what made it even sweeter was the fact that we created it from the ground up. My amazing friends made it look incredible! We love you all! Thank you and we certainly hope you enjoy the series.

We are featured on the main page this week! You can always search “BennerFit” or “Sydney Benner”in case you miss us on the front.


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