A “Coachellan” Workout For Your Legs & Abs

Weekend #1 of Coachella is down. Your legs are sore from jumping. Your abs are aching from singing. Don’t let those muscles go this week! Join us for an abtastically awesome, luciously leggy workout inspired by our dear friends who are rocking it at Coachella.


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Dancing It Out

Sometimes life gets crazy and you just need to dance it out!

Grab your 1-3lb. weights and let’s get moving!

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A Very Sydney Circuit!

Okay, seriously who doesn’t get a little excited when they hear their name in a song? Doesn’t it make you feel like that artist is speaking right to you? Extra dose of magic. Well… Sydney got pretty excited when she heard this jam, so she put a little yoga dance groove to it!


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Pantone Spring 2014 Colors: Sportswear Edition

Oh Spring! You’re almost here. The clocks have sprung forward and the sun is shining longer and all sorts of new colors are in play. Right around the time of NY Fashion Week, Pantone (the masters of color, the ones who rule all colors, you know –  color royalty) announced their Spring 2014 colors. So if you want your fitness gear up to date with the latest color trends of spring, here is a little guideline for the latest spring palette.
Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Placid Blue

Anthropologie – Pure & Good Digifloral Crossback Bra
Anthropologie – Pure & Good Digifloral Leggings

Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Violet Tulip

Reebok – Women’s Studio Legging
Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Hemlock

Adidas by Stella McCartney
Anthropologie – Keyhole Tee


Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Sand & Paloma

Onzie – Gypsie Pant
Onzie – Pure Vida Tank Top
Athleta – City Chick Coat
Nike – Legendary Tight Print


Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Cayenne and Freesia

Adidas by Stella McCartney
Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Celosia Orange & Dazzling Blue

Body Language Sportswear Performance Crop
Body Language Lumex Short

Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Radiant Orchid

Athleta Crush Connect Capri

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Fresh off the Plane Flow

Syd just landed from NY and was ready to film another circuit! Here’s a great way to stretch out those cramped muscles after you’ve been traveling. And it’s just a fun circuit to groove to!


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A LoveFest Thank You

A little over a week ago we had a BLAST at our first ever LoveFest! It was a great success and we here at Benner Fit, along with Colleen of Little Lover Events are so thankful to have had each and every one of you who joined us there that night. We cannot begin to thank you enough. We had so much fun being able to share an evening full of our favorite things: fitness, dancing, food, cocktails, killer music and amazing people. We are also very grateful to all of our amazing sponsors – the people who shared their goods, their time and their energy that night. You really helped to make this event shine.


As a thank you we made this little video. And for those of you who don’t live in the area or couldn’t make it out to LoveFest this time – here’s a little taste of the night!


LoveFest Sponsors


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Music Not Molly

Electronic Dance Music is trending right now and I am so happy it is.

My love for this music started very recently. One of my dearest friends, Kelly Proctor, got me tickets to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) for my birthday last year. To be honest the first thing I asked was, “What is EDC?” It’s true, I had no idea, I may have been living in the dark ages for awhile but I’m elated to be out of that!

I remember walking through the tunnel to get into the Las Vegas Speedway where the event was held and all you could feel was an extreme amount of energy. Being a highly energetic woman I knew I was in the perfect place in that moment. Kelly and I danced for 8 hours straight. I don’t mean bouncing a bit and step touching, I mean leaps, kicks, ribcage isolations (think disco era) and maybe even a Harlem shake or two or three. We had the very best time and I had the very best birthday that one of my dearest friends gifted to me.


My vision and my love for this music grows deeper than just dancing to it, it embodies what the original Benner Fit class is based around and I am forever thankful to my wonderful friend for sharing this with me.


It’s Kelly’s birthday this week and I thought this would be the perfect time to share what she has created for the EDM community. She created a website called Music Not Molly which is basically saying-no lectures, no judgements, just Music Not Molly. Kelly goes to the EDM events for the love of the music. She is not there to escape reality or try a new substance in a highly stimulating environment. She is there for the DJ’s, for the beats, and for the community. Kelly makes it clear that she does not judge what other people in this community choose to do, she is just sharing her vision with others and hopes to make a difference in this beautiful community.

Music Not Molly

Kelly of Music Not Molly


She has some pretty awesome gear that I proudly wear myself! Keep spreading the MNM word! I know I’ll be rocking my goods.



Happy Birthday Kelly! We love you here at Benner Fit.


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