Vegan Gluten Free Hearts (ankle update too)!

I made some no bake vegan gluten free hearts but before we get to the treats…

Over the past two weeks my day to day has changed immensely. What I was able to do two weeks ago is not as seamless or feasible today. So what happened? In gearing up for LA FIT EXPO it was an intense month. I was non-stop teaching, prepping, on calls, filming, and running all over town getting all the last minute to-do’s completed. I love the challenge and secretly I kind of love the chaos. I’ll admit I love being busy and working towards something for the greater good. I was so excited and nervous and really looking forward to teaching. My energy level was at an all time high and if you know me you know I am literally the energizer bunny. Right before the doors were going to open for my first FLIGHT event of the evening, I tripped off a step and landed directly on my ankle. Oh me oh my! Everyone ran over and I had ten beautiful faces looking at me saying, “What do you want to do? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Now keep in mind I knew I needed to go to the emergency room, but with the help of my team, I knew the ONLY option was to try and teach. I could not walk, not a chance, so I knew my assistants Nicole and Jonathan (love you guys) would have to step up and help me. And boy did they! We did it! We got through one event and then in Savasana tears started rolling down my face and I knew it was time to head to the hospital.

Here is a photo of myself, Nicole, and Jonathan rehearsing in the 5 minutes we had while everyone was setting up and arriving.

Yes that is my little foot wrapped in ice.


I’ll admit I am in pain. I am a tough cookie so I don’t usually like to share all of that but the truth is that it hurts, real bad. To quote my dear mother, “Honey you don’t walk you waddle.” I have the most amazing mom, family, friends, and just all around support system that has been helping me tremendously and I could not do it without them. Love on the ones you love real hard because the truth is that we all need eachother and you don’t know what the next minute will bring, so hold them tight, and cherish them. Oh and I also have a knee wheeler thanks to my sister so it makes for a great conversation piece and brings me a lot of laughs.




Now how does all of this relate to treats? I have been writing a lot of articles lately that will be published soon so I will keep my BF’s in the loop but in doing so I have been looking up recipes. Now I love simple foods. I like throwing things in a bowl stirring it up and bam it’s done and nutritious and delicious too. I also am more of a savory gal than one with a sweet tooth. But I have been interested in making my own version of the little energy bites. So since I have some added time at the moment I am trying some new things out in my kitchen. And I gotta tell you these are a winner! Throw these ingredients in your blender all together and enjoy! By the way, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes.


1 cup of gluten free flour or almond flour (grind up your own if you are feeling adventurous).

1/4 cup of almond butter

1 tbsp. of agave (vegan) or honey

3 tbsp. of dairy free chocolate chips

3 1/2 tbsp. cacao powder (vegan) or cocoa

1 tsp. pure vanilla

Pinch of salt

1/3 cup of pitted dates

Pinch of baking soda

I hope you love them as much as I do! Take a photo and Instagram yours with hashtag #bennerfit and #bennerfiteats









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Glutes, Abs & Arms!

We are rehabbing our way through another circuit. This week all you need is your body and a nice sturdy table top or couch. We are going to work those arms, abs and glutes.


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Sit and be Benner Fit!

After spraining her ankle at last week’s Flight event – Sydney is rehabbing it slowly back to health. So let’s go along on this rehab ride with her and do a seated circuit that will work out the upper body and core!


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Towel Dancing with Erica Hood!

The amazing fitness instructor and longtime friend, Erica Hood joins this week’s circuit with a super fun and super effective towel dance. Check out all of her class times over on Instagram at @errrrrrrka!


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An Energizing Fit Expo Dance!

Take Flight - Feb. 7 @ 4:30 & 6:30 - tickets at | Benner Fit


It’s a big week for us with Flight! We will be over at the LA Fit Expo representing! Then at 4:30 and 6:30 on Saturday, Feb 7th there are 2 opportunities to take Flight at Exchange LA! If you are coming to the Fit Expo – you get in free signing up over at our booth! Come join us – we are so excited to be a part of our first Fitness convention! Get tickets to Flight over at

For now, let’s get grooving to start our week off right!



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Glutes, Abs, Arms and Amy Castle!

This week Sydney put our dear friend and fellow YouTuber, Amy Castle, through a challenging glute, ab and arm workout. It is so much fun hanging out with Amy. Her upbeat energy makes filming all the more enjoyable – this girl is up for anything. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE.


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Flight Workouts

We don’t have our standard weekly circuit for you, but we DO have FIVE Flight Circuits that are all now up on the BeFit YouTube Channel!


Our next Flight event is during LA Fit Expo on February 7th, where we will not just have one event, but TWO going down that day. Tickets go on sale this week so look out for that. And for any of you going to the Fit Expo, your ticket to the convention will get you in for FREE to Flight!




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Full Body Cardio Launch!

Hey guys! Flight is here – this Saturday at Exchange LA in DTLA. We’ve got Urban Remedy juices for you to cool off with after the workout, DJ Ryan Fontana will keep the party going after as well – so come, hang out, work out, and enjoy!

Get tickets at!


Here’s a little video to prep for the big day:

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Cacao Superfood Smoothie with Amy Castle

Foodie and fellow YouTuber Amy Castle had been taking classes from Sydney on and off for some time. One day the two got to talking about their love of food, fitness and sharing their respective passions online. So after meeting up over the deliciousness of Sun Cafe (a Benner Fit favorite) the two joined forces to recreate their favorite smoothie of all!



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